Mobile phone project (Declassified)

There are lab tests being done with the appropriate equipment. These are not published to protect the identity of the researchers as well as the privacy of their work place.
This is a video documentation I made to demonstrate with a signal generator one of the ways that I prove to myself the signal blocking ability of pk
Continual complaints about phone reception on phones that tested to specs and continued reception issues with certain customers caused me to consider that humans may interfere with mobile phone reception.
EM field entrainment then resonance with the handset would explain why some people continually have reception issues even if they switch phones and carriers.
I had done some previous experiments with this using my radio and wanted to see if the biofield could resonate and cause a phone to fail in a phone tester which I have used extensively.
Leaving the case open during the first test was important as closed it would block out the interference which I suspect is a form of entrainment resonance with the human em field.
Test results of what I refer to as stasis field at 3:48
At end I run the full test sequence through to demonstrate the phone is not faulty and can indeed pass the test. 7:17
In hindsight I should have recorded a full session with the case open at the start of the film as this would demonstrate it does pass with case open. This is something I knew from previous tests before filming. Of course the observer could accuse me of trickery using any number of devices. I filmed this to share for those who are open minded enough to consider the possibility that this could be truth and inspire future researchers. I no longer have access to this equipment however many mornings were spent testing this idea with excitement.

Post time: 05-31-2017